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And on to the Finals!

The semi-final of the Bossche Band Battle was a blast! We rocked the joint with a heavy 30 minute set and the jury was convinced we earned a place in the finals. So W2, here we come and be prepared for your socks to be blown off! See ya there.

The Finals will take place at W2, Den Bosch on november 22. Check out the Tour section again for further details.

Profuna Ocean finalist Bossche band battle
picure by Jasna

And on to the semi-finals!

We are very happy to tell you we played at the "Bossche Band Battle" and are one of the bands to play in the semi-finals!

Semi-finals will take place at P79, Den Bosch on november 9. Check out the Tour section for further details.

Profuna Ocean Bossche band battle

The Recordings

We've been recording a few songs for an upcoming EP release. The past months there's been a lot going on:
Fred recorded his drum tracks, Then Arjan completed the rhythm section with bass. After that guitars were added by Raoul and then Rene Recorded keyboard parts. Vocal recordings are in progress at the moment of writing. Everything is recorded en co-produced by Bas de Rooy, who also did the recordings for In Vacuum, so it's gonna be awesome anyway!

We'll keep you posted about further progress. Meanwhile you can check our socials for some pictures of our recordings.

Profuna Ocean Recordings

Live Teaser

Check out our new LIVE TEASER to get exited for our next liveshow(s)! Filmed by Tom de Wit at PoGo, Gorinchem. Credits for editing this fine video go to Martin Bijland @ Het Mistige Woud. Rock On!!

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In Vacuum albumcover

In Vacuum (2016)

  • Thousand Yard Stare
  • Awakening
  • Hanging In The Balance
  • Losing Ground
  • Ghost
  • Beautiful Sunrise
  • In Vacuum
  • Clean Slate

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Dutch Exposure albumcover

Dutch Exposure (2012)

  • Waiting For The Fall
What is your Alibi? albumcover

What Is Your Alibi? (2011)

  • What Is Your Alibi?
Watching The Closing Sky albumcover

Watching The Closing Sky (2009)

  • Changing Legacy
  • Lost Inside (The Landscape)
  • Sad Silhouette
  • S.C.I.T.S.

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Profuna Ocean Bandpicture


Profuna Ocean takes you on a musical trip!

Profuna Ocean is an alternative progrock band from the Netherlands, founded in 2008. With their sequences of thought out compositions, vivacious melodies and powerful rock sounds their music seems to be constantly working toward some kind of musical trip and introduces the listener to the world of Profuna Ocean.

In 2009 the band released their first album Watching The Closing Sky, which received international attention with airplay in the radio show of Sander Guis on 3FM (Dutch radio) and the radio show of Rick Wakeman (Yes) in England. In the next period the band worked on their live performance with a number of shows on many different stages and shared the stage with bands like Focus, Knight Area and Racoon. In 2013 Profuna Ocean won the award for “best progressive rock band of The Netherlands” (Dutch Exposure Project) with their song Waiting For The Fall.

Meanwhile, the band was working on their second studio album, refining and redefining their own unique sound. The period of writing, arranging and recording the album In Vacuum was an intense period of development where they found themselves and took their music to a whole new level. On the one hand, it still has progressive influences from bands like Porcupine Tree and The Pineapple Thief. On the other hand, this album is especially about the power and intensity of their music, inspired by bands like Anathema. Driven by the idea that music is always at its most powerful when it comes straight from the heart, with In Vacuum the band is truly blossoming into something extraordinary and very special.

From the start of the recordings, the band used a high standard for the album. To finish the results at the right level, they teamed up with the Swedish producer Jens Bogren for mastering the album. The second studio album of Profuna Ocean, called In Vacuum, shows who they really are!


A true asset to the prog metal scene in the Netherlands and worldwide.” (Lords of Metal)

A fantastic album, which you can keep listening and which is accessible enough to reach a very wide audience.” (Progpraat)

Profuna Ocean has proven to be a master in holding the attention of the listener in long tracks.” (Progwereld)

A more hard-edged and aggressive take on Progressive Rock but one with a beautiful fragility hidden below.” (Progradar)

Band members

Raoul Potters - Vocals/Guitars

Rene Visser - Keyboards/Synthesizers

Arjan Visser - Bass Guitar

Fred den Hartog - Drums

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Profuna Ocean Live
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